Could 'robots' drive the need for improvement in human soft skills?

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

If you're worried by robots taking away our jobs, then this article you may find positive.

As is typical of technology, some tasks will inevitably be removed from humans to be more efficiently executed by machines.

Artificial intelligence can already detect happiness and show empathy albeit in a rational rather than emotional way. This sounds great for those of us who dislike monotonous tasks, and perhaps for those who're happy to talk to a 'nice', empathetic machine.

Could robots thus raise the standard on such soft skills, meaning humans have to be even cleverer with soft skills for better collaboration and understanding complexity?

By the way, did you know that the term soft skills was invented for the sorts of skills that machines couldn't do? Our ability as humans to cooperate to innovate and transform is going to be in demand in an increasingly complex world, so let's be sure to continually improve our soft skills to do that!

Addendum: life may change, as it has for generation after generation in recent years.....and people are understandably worried about what skills humans are losing (e.g. millenials supposedly are less good at face-to-face conversation). But would we know how to build a pyramid in the same way as Egyptions? Can we grow our own food? Even successfully wash our own clothes? Or do these things not matter because the need is extinct? Let's stay ahead on our ability to collaborate towards what a good future for humans means.

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