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An Agile Coaching Excellence group   to
- hear others' experiences
- increase awareness
- support your development
A centre for excellence in Agile coaching is often recommended. But what if your organisation doesn't have one?  How do you ensure your own coaching capabilities are developing?
Coach supervision for any coach is recommended. A group format allows more sharing of practice and broader insights.

My approach asks

"What are your intentions as an Agile coach?",

while also providing a space to learn from challenging situations.

Could group work give you  evidence of
 cost-effective, regular development?

Trial session: Wednesday 11th  Sept. 3.30pm-6pm.


Reduced cost is just £39 per coach, so you can see how this works for you.

Contact me to book this or alternate date.


This is a virtual meeting using Zoom, so you can join from anywhere, ideally using video. You will have 30 minutes to air an issue or situation that you'd like to reflect upon and have the other 3-4 coaches ask you questions to support your reflections.

If you value the session, there will be an opportunity to join a more regular group.

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