Improving Project Managers' effectiveness

Does it feel like you have the world on your shoulders?

Would you rather have others working with you?


Many PMs are task-focussed. We get on with the job and emotions come second. But, pressure comes from all sides and emotions bubble internally in any team. In early career, we can be judged to lack self-confidence if decision-making appears a little slow or diffident. Later on, we overcome our unease by using knowledge from our experience that  can lead to habits that ignore the need to get the team on board.

I promote more conscious awareness of self and others, so that personal and team emotions are recognised and dealt with, for better team-building, and less personal stress, in an objective, respectful yet professional fashion.

Many PMs are skilled at communication already, so there has to be more depth of learning. Every year, graduates have more skills and knowledge than before because education is continually improving. Students are now using real project for practice of hard and soft skills. Companies are also looking for soft skills. Why not engage with a group for deeper development of collaboration skills?

Ask about learning through coach practice

After introductory training, you'll do some coach practice for six months to boost your soft skills at work. Previous students have improved their self-confidence and their collaboration skills.

Ask about collaboration skills workshop

This encourages you and your team to think about all the working relationships and everyone's personal intentions so you can see and agree 'shared intention'. Conflict is a necessary part of our role, and can be positive for high performance.

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