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Support groups - more than the cliche 'a problem shared is a problem halved'.

Learn to use coaching skills yourself!

e.g. Shirley's Business/Freelancer Support Group

 - Feel alone?

 - So much to do? (Yet want things need to change!)

 - Rarely find time to work 'on' the business?

-  Achievement of desires seems elusive?

Working with others 6 (or more) times a year could change all of the above. Maybe you'd also benefit from others helping you to recognise:

 1 You are not alone

     - what you're doing is challenging!

     - buddies can give you motivation and relieve your stress

 2. You have something valuable to offer

     - overcome thoughts that selling and marketing are unappealing!

     - buddies can help you be clearer and reach 'hungry' clients


Simultaneously, the group supports you to learn skills to be collaborative

     -  stand back and help others think

     -  stand back and reflect on your own thinking

     -  recognise what help might be useful

     -  recognise where to get the support you need


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