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1:1 Coaching Programmes

My promises with any coaching session are

  1. We will create a safe space for us to develop a way of working together.

  2. We will seek and follow your agenda

  3. If you desire me to support you, I aim to increase your self-confidence.

  4. If you desire me to challenge you, I aim to extend you out of your comfort zone.

  5. We will agree how we work together, and we can choose not to work with one another


I primarily aim to support people to move forward on work or business related issues. I'd be very happy if this can be done in one session: if you've been coached by me before, an immediate solution to meet your needs  may be possible. Coaching intends to support the clients' self-learning, too and some longer term work to reinforce a change of intentions may also emerge. Together I hope we can work on any aspect of your performance or personal development to meet your aspirations, including leadership, collaboration and motivation.

I want you to be clear about coaching. If you have not used a professional coach before, let's discuss your expectations and aims (telephone/Skype/Zoom) .


I want you to be comfortable with the value from coaching, so offer an initial coaching session of £50 with new contacts. Email me a topic you'd like to work on when you're ready. Yes we can have an exploratory phone conversation before this too.

I aim to be flexible about session frequency and length so the cost is under your control. If you're familiar with coaching and want to do lots of self-reflection yourself outside of the sessions, maybe you can get down to 15minutes. If you want to do lots of thinking in the session, then half hourly and hourly sessions are more common. Please ask me about my standard rates. (Virtual sessions using Zoom are the most cost-effective.)

Always, the client sets the agenda and we are both free to give feedback on what is or isn't working.

1:1 Coaching supervision

I am very honoured to support coaches up to ICF ACC level or equivalent (or recent PCC). I enjoy working with those starting their own practice because they have much to juggle in business as well as working with different clients.  I want to work with those coaches who are aiming to do their best for their coachees' learning. I also aim to give feedback according to the coach's own coaching model. Ask me for an initial coach supervision questionnaire if interested in a coach supervision session.

See this [academic] article for how to "enhance coaching supervision over time [:] adopting a positive mindset, co-creating the relationship, participating actively in the process and undertaking supervisor training" (Sheppard, 2017, p117).

Peer Group Coaching

Group coaching can make coaching more affordable, but requires that everyone is willing to act as coach. This means being staying objective, listening intently and asking relevant questions without offering advice. If you have a group of like-minded people who would like to improve some aspect of their work, let's discuss facilitation.  (I have two groups at the moment, including a Business Support Group for microbusiness owners.)



For when you have a coaching or project plan but need some expert support:

  • Use my skills to help you deliver what you plan


  • Day, half day or hourly rates available




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