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Shirley Thompson, BSc (Hons), MSc, PMP

Coach (ACC with ICF) | Coach Supervisor (Oxford Brookes) | Mentor | Soft skills facilitator

Hello, I am Shirley Thompson, a professional coach and project manager, passionate about supporting busy achievers work on what is meaningful to them, and also support them improve collaborative working.


I support individuals to balance their task and people focus, and to negotiate their ideas with followers. This usually means improving soft skills, particularly understanding intentions behind relationships with others and maintaining flexibility of mindset. I particularly enjoy group coaching because those in the group naturally improve their coaching skills as a result.

I am proud to have professional certifications – as a project manager and as a coach. I see both roles as being essential for organisational success; for delivery of intentions and to encourage learning and collaboration. I specialise in helping project managers improve their soft skills and also to find time for their own personal development, to model the traits of high achievers. Organisational success depends on project success, which depends on the project manager’s skills.

Apart from running my coaching and consultancy practice, I'm also:

  • A doctoral student, studying Coaching and Mentoring, with a research project relating to project management and soft skills. My thesis was handed in September 2018; viva passed January 2019, now addressing the requested amendments to the thesis.


  • A volunteer with the Project Management Institute UK chapter; currently I'm involved in the mentoring programme (nationwide), and local events around Bournemouth and Southampton.


  • A volunteer with Ferndown Speakers (since starting the group in 2012), a local Toastmasters’ group helping people practise their communication and leadership skills.



My background was formerly in engineering and Information Technology (hardware design and software testing), then project management in the IT industry, gaining PMI's PMP accreditation in 2002. Since 2005, I've been undertaking the transition to being a professional coach. In 2014, I earned ACC credentials with the ICF, and adhere to the ICF code of ethics.

During 2014-6 I completed  Coach Supervision training. Coaches recognise that they need supervision to avoid becoming isolated, as well as doing the best for their clients. It's recommended by the coaching profession to encourage a professional stance.








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