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Shirley Thompson, BSc, MSc, DCM, PMP (and DTM with Toastmasters International programme)

Coach (ACC with ICF) | Coach Supervisor (Oxford Brookes) | Mentor | Soft skills facilitator

Hello, I like to support individuals or groups/teams to help them to think and be more conscious of their feelings in order to make forward progress. I find it hugely rewarding to help people invest time for self-development.


My promises with any coaching session are

  1. We will create a safe space for us to develop a way of working together.

  2. We will seek and follow your agenda

  3. If you desire me to support you, I aim to increase your self-confidence.

  4. If you desire me to challenge you, I aim to extend you out of your comfort zone.

  5. We will agree how we work together, and we can choose not to work with one another


Personally, I believe I have gained more from being a coach than being coached, but the two go hand-in-hand. Being a professional coach necessarily means being coached, supervised and mentored. However, the learning through supporting others is immeasurable: it's a previlege to gain insight into how others think.


I have a soft spot for project managers because I was last employed as a project manager.  My doctoral thesis tested my belief about the value of coach practice with these strong-minded facilitating types. I showed project managers can benefit from very little coach skills practice. As a result, I seek to encourage project managers and others to find ways to practice these skill.

Because of my belief -  that coaching practice can increase the ability to step back, be objective and set intention to be present in order to really listen to others and develop soft skills for use anywhere -  I promote coaching skills practice to many others and run group coaching sessions to support this. (Ask me about various options of my ‘soft skills set’).

I start 2020 with an emergent mantra of ‘Believe I can’. 2019 was a turning point for my own confidence to explore what is possible and to experiment.  My doctorate, DTM and new grandchild arrived within the space of a few weeks: all of them represent many years of invested hard work in different ways. I had begun to believe already in 2019, but there is nothing like having tangible proof of an investment. Believe I can has been the underlying philosophy behind my business support group, group coach supervision and other group coaching work over the last two years; now I can really believe it; I want you to believe it for your aspirations.

My doctorate got me interested in philosophy. Ethics has always been part of being a professional project manager or professional coach though my upbringing might have been so good I took morality for granted. My thoughts on responsibility are now being tested by the Responsible Project Management initiative.





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