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All the best to you and your family in coping with our global crisis.

I hope I and we can do our best at this time.

Personally, though I'm applying myself to volunteer support to others, I know that mostly I am to be physically isolated at home.

I'd like to encourage us to think physical distancing  not social distancing. We still can reach other people's hearts and minds through connecting virtually and I wish everyone to be able to have connection this way.

I hope we can improve connection with neighbours and those we shop alongside, albeit they are initially strangers. We can talk across 2 metres.

Business-wise, I'm available to all those who are still working in some way:

- to freelancers/microbusiness owners who have time to work on their business for 6 months time

- to the many project managers who are working very hard to enable workers to be safe and to work remotely

-  to coaches (and others) for whom the current moment is an opportunity to pause, reflect and decide how this period will be remembered.






Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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