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Hello from Shirley,

How are you and what/whose intentions are you following?

My primary intention is to help people working on projects to feel more empowered and then able to help others feel empowered as well. I use all the skills I've learned and practised as professional coach, project manager, coach supervisor, manager, mentor, even occasional speaker or workshop facilitator.


I particularly like to help those with a scientific background due to our traditional right/wrong/analytical upbringing. So much now is complex and uncertain, often people-dependent, needing just as much qualitative thinking with its rich properties.

A few people have kindly tried to empower me in my career and I feel sad that I may not have met their expectations. Perhaps neither of us fully realised at the time that ultimately I am the one who puts air to my wings and judges when I am empowered. When we use the term empowerment, do we understand what we mean, let alone the complexity, awareness and determination involved to act differently?

How could it inspire you to define empowerment as giving you the permission to show self-responsibility in speaking from your inner wisdom? This may take courage and may not make you a people-pleaser in the moment, yet ultimately may influence more satisfying collaboration.


You might also need to know about your motivation 'buttons' since they give you the energy to step up to 'doing the right thing' for the long term.

Groups and teams can be greater than the sum of the individuals - and potentially even more innovative - but how often do we need remember that everyone is prioritising many demands on their time and noone is perfect especially in our imperfect and complex world? 

High standards are to be encouraged and I want you to be the best you can be; seek perfection only as a direction of development. Let's partner on priorities, balance and ethics. Humans are unpredictable; thus innovative and fun; let's admire human spirit!

Free initial consultation (phone/zoom) for no obligation, mutual exploration of your needs and how I can help.

(I do charge for sample coaching session.)

Tel. 07793 745450

Please leave a message or contact me 

Since I primarily coach (because I consider coaching philosophy ideal for building a collaborative partnership) this document  provides some ideas, based on my love of tennis, to prepare your expectations of coaching.

Intro to Shirley - the video here last year is being updated. It will again talk about responsible conversation. (Meanwhile see the link for information.)

HOT news

I contributed a chapter to this handbook of Responsible Project Management  published Feb23

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