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(& coach supervision) can help you tap into the knowledge you already have.


 in (time, management project management and soft skills) can help you gain knowledge you may not have acquired yet.


aims to provide the structure and process for groups to make decisions

Are you ...

..feeling stretched? My 'desk-coach' service combines coaching and mentoring to help you juggle everything you need to get done (including relaxation). By working together, we can find out how you're prioritising, and what you really want, as well as look at how best to get everything done.

..a project manager keen that the team does a better job?

- Is there a soft skills gap within your team?

     Ask me about group coaching tailored to you

- Do you want to improve team collaboration?

     Ask me about collaborative skills workshop or skills development programme for the whole team

..a coach interested in coach supervision?   I provide reasonable cost 1:1 coach supervision that aims to identify your strengths as well as your worries.

..a project manager or team leader interested personal growth?  I can provide 1:1 coaching tailored to you

..a business owner who'd like more support?  My business support group BSG is an easy way to get to know the collaborative approach I encourage, through mutual support. Ask me for an invite. need of spare pair of hands to improve team productivity?  Let's discuss how my team leadership skills might be useful on a temporary basis. 

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