Opinionated or easy-going? Rational or emotional? Positive or negative?. Big picture or detail? Are you one or the other, or capable of all positions on a continuum rather than sticking with one?

Personality profiles apparently aim to show us our habits and therefore might give ideas on what we might like to change. Some people like the insight into themselves, others question the lack of flexibility in the questions; they tend invite consideration of a narrow set of scenarios.

So, if you're sceptical, it might be ideal to get a quick starter insight that you don't have to pay for! I heard about this website recently www.ima-pm.co.uk (for more info see https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/people-power-webinar-pmi-uk-chapter-sharing-slides-donnie-macnicol?published=t )

I personally think one needs 360 feedback for a more rounded view of self. However, the main point is to be aware of many ways of acting, not just by habits. Being conscious of, and having a choice of behaviour is key, and that is what coaches are striving for....a good thing for most people in many aspects of life!

Are you happy with your current flexibility? From my task-oriented existence as a project manager I've moved extensively to more feeling- and people-oriented, but I haven't yet made it to motivational speaker!

I challenge you to think about how happy you are with the approach you take in every situation, that is definitely worth some self-reflection and you're allowed to judge what is right for you, rather be imposed on by others' views.

If you feel you keep taking the wrong approach after that, then it's worth a look with someone else.


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