What is my business purpose?

When I say I'm a professional coach or project manager, I may create the impression of being a

freelancer. What might the difference be if I had a clear business purpose?

This article suggests a business purpose is essential. I heard someone recently, too, on Radio 4 arguing businesses were intended to address a societal purpose (Sigh, I cannot find a link now!)

Looking at shops in my local town in a Street Wisdom exercise, I noticed some businesses work hard to reach out to you to explain their purpose as in the image. Some sublimely (arrogantly?) sit back and expect you to know their purpose...you have to go in to find out. (But do you trust them, can you be bothered to give them your time, do you want to be associated with this brand or identity?) Some extrovertly appeal to your senses - with colour, with beautiful displays and clear messages. One commercial window even indicated - rather quietly in a small part of the window - their chosen charitable cause, (which perhaps says a little about them to build trust).

The shop shown in the image is suggesting that society needs the best in coffee and a certain type of pie, and perhaps even that both have established quality. So what do I think society needs? Perhaps something along the lines of soft skill support for better collaboration in society. At least that's a starter for 10 to consider what my 'shop' front should look/feel like.


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