"Everyone is too busy to stand back and think"

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Three times this week I'm been in conversation with people frustrated with the mad world of project work that is common in successful IT-related start-up businesses. Is it a flawed assumption that at some point a start-up business needs to come more operational than project-driven to become an established business? Is anyone thinking about a gradual transition to more order?

Maybe the start-up will ultimately be sold to another organisation interested in a more stable business. Maybe the Agile principles in IT development are being assumed as a long term inevitablity - as Charlotte Joyce says "Business wanted change faster, lower costs – the usual squeeze" [and it supports small teams] – "Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done".

New website technology apparently needs to get out there ever faster for speedier return on investment. Yet I wonder if organisations are in danger of squandering talent at the expense of short term gains, because I'm hearing that people will change organisations when chaos is perceived. If those that get fed up with pressure and disorganisation leave, chaos is more likely to remain.

Those that like the cut and thrust of projects may get a buzz from that (I did!). Yet, as a user of slow and otherwise annoying websites, I'm frustrated by the lack of interest in quality; maybe I'm old school, but I do like the iterative approach, because customers are consulted. (But, what is bitten off must be chewed!). Now, as a professional coach though, I am also frustrated that I may become more than likely to support individuals to leave their organisation, rather than support a review of the chaos, which I could be more motivated to help sort out, as this seems important for the team long term.


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