Am I responsible? (Responsible Project Management -2)

I am already committed to the ICF code of ethics and the PMI code of ethics, so it felt easy to sign up to Responsible Project Management. Yet RPM attempts to focus much more on the meaning of responsibility to the wider world, not just the responsibilites associated to executing a role.

I list the RPM goals here:

1. Purpose. Identify and understand the purposes underpinning projects from different perspectives.

2. Awareness. Raise awareness of possible impacts and consequences of projects.

3. Engagement. Engage with a wide range of stakeholders and promote common interests.

4. Curiosity. Be curious, uncover and address ethical complexity, conflict, and unintended outcomes.

5. Uncertainty. Recognise uncertainties and encourage clarity and sharing of new knowledge.

6. Anticipation. Anticipate changes, evaluate options and promote informed decision making.

7. Creativity. Understand needs for creativity and innovations: make space for imagination.

8. Transparency. Foster this and sharing of visions, thoughts, and feelings among stakeholders.

9. Stewardship. Encourage this in human and environmental resources and ethical considerations.

10. Balance. Seek this between the needs of people, planet and profit; short, medium and long term.

Now, I'm interested in ensuring that any project I personally initiate is checking these points (as well as other people's projects I'm involved in). So, whenever I provide coaching services to others, am I clear about my purpose, keeping awareness high for those involved, engaging with others, curious about the consequences and risks of what I'm doing, engaging in anticipation, creativity and collaborative transparency, not to mention stewardship and balance.

For the moment, I'm focused on getting clear on purpose; after all that is the basis of project management, to define the scope of aims and intention of specific deliverables. I will also aim to support my clients to be clear on aims and intentions.


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