No blog for 2 months! This makes me think of a great poster I once had of eagles and turkeys......the helpful reminder was something like "you cannot soar with eagles if you work with turkeys", who look groundwards. I too have had my head down, but today I was with some Motivational Map practitioners; an inspiring eagles day. Who've you been working or networking with today?

Motivational Maps are brilliant for enabling what could be a very personal conversation. A direct question "what motivates you" or worse "you don't seem that motivated, why is that", is hard to answer. The maps are brilliant because they provide an objective language that removes judgement, and feelings of imperfection. The analysis shows a set of 9 motivators that are variably important to people but that's OK; that just means we're different, and have varying degrees of each motivator. It then becomes interesting to see how people are different, and for organisations, how to tune tasks to suit people differently, and move tasks around so everyone gets something that motivates them, to keep them engaged (or realise that's impossible in the current environment.)

Ask me about having a map if you're not feeling motivated; the map could identify where your energy is missing, which is valuable insight to get plugged back into your motivators again.


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