Climate change

Updated: Jan 30

In balance to my last blog about positive belief - "believe I can" - I feel the need for some less positive belief in recognition of the world's finite resources. Love may be infinitely created but planet Earth is certainly giving us plenty of warning of change and limitation in our powerful and perilous domain.

As part of my involvement in Responsible Project Management, I have been reading blogs related to 'Deep Adaptation' - not recommended reading if you feel disturbed by climate change - personally, though, I like the idea that we could all be making these four considerations together (all quotes taken from the referenced blog):

- "resilience – the capacity to adapt to changing circumstances, so as to survive with valued norms and behaviours" I need to I eat or use things that that take a lot of rainwater to produce or produce emissions?

- "relinquishment, where people and communities will let go of certain assets, behaviours and beliefs where retaining them could make matters worse"....what could I personally relinquish?

- "restoration of attitudes and approaches to life and organisation that our hydrocarbon-fuelled civilisation eroded" can I personally help to lessen my use of energy and encourage communal rather than power-needing play?

- "reconciliation: with our mistakes, with death, and some would add, with God, what could I make peace with to lessen suffering?"....I personally find this the hardest. Hearing many people express pain and confusion around the Brexit process was a shock to me to my resilience; I have never believed that the world is predictable - possibly confirmed by my recollection of a teacher asking me to write an essay on "whether the sun will rise tomorrow". I was never an imaginative child, but I clearly learned there were those who considered these sort of 'dumb' questions, so I'm sure I let rip on the hard life of agriculture: you never know when you can make hay.

Bottom line is perhaps that we all need a good dose of "believe I can" influence on society at the moment to face factual climactic evidence and stay resilient while relinquishing, restoring and reconciling.


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