Coronavirus contemplation

Updated: Apr 17

How are you focusing on you right now?

I'm a natural doer rather than a reflector but even I have had to slow down - I'm grateful for the sunshine to support contemplation.

Thank you, too, Ken Wilber (A Brief History of Everything, The Marriage of Sense and Soul, Integral Psychology), for his challenging writing; reading has helped my slowing down. His writing also has impelled me towards consideration of devlopment of the inner person - awareness of body, mind and spirit - for personal wisdom.

I wish you well for managing some time to contemplate, relax, taking a step back - yes I know many people are having to work hard right now; you're 'excused' if you know you'll get a chance to relax soon. I hope the rest of us can become more aware of the potential to broaden our collective wisdom for a more pragmatic - hopeful, tolerant and agreed world. I was intrigued that Ken Wilber cites Maslow as a pioneering thinker for those of an 'integral and holarchical view'. This despite questions commonly raised about Maslow's hierarchy. Maslow did understand that we cannot easily develop personally when missing needs such as safety, food, shelter, close friends - many of us may recognise how challenging it can be to focus on purpose at the moment.


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