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Should you say no to ‘coming out of lockdown’ advice?

As coaches, we challenge the idea of needing advice! The philosophy of professional coaching is that clients set the agenda and make their own decisions.

For everyone, a practical philosophy course I’m currently following assures wisdom lies within. Do you believe we all know what a wise person would do in any situation?

For us to live in this world we seek connection with others. So, accessing opinions from others may be useful to marry our sense of social needs and our instinctive wisdom!

Yet, that may only require us to ask questions!

So much information!

When social media presents us with easy access to lots of information, we may become too lazy to ask questions. But, do we know what data we are actually looking for?

At least we could ask ourselves questions to know what’s relevant. Otherwise, that investment of reading or listening time could be wasted - with nothing remembered or used!

Being specific about what we need can give better noticing power. Thus, a better chance of using and retaining the information.

Can we believe we are ‘enough’?

Are we capable of having our next thought? To decide and take our next step? How well do our clients believe that?

As coaches, role-modelling our self-belief may lead to more people aspiring to invest in coaching. Let's trust ourselves to bring inner knowledge to awareness.

Can your clients sense that? How well do they believe that the purpose of coaching is to get support for our own new thinking.

Can anyone be ‘in the moment’?

For coaches, presence is our bread and butter. I believe we do intend to role-model our belief in being, with encouragement of mindfulness and awareness of the body becoming more common. Yet, we all need to practice. (How often, coaches, have we practised just being in the last 24 hours? If we haven’t, how sure can we be that we are present when acting as a coach?)

For some people, being in nature can bring the art of being present. Thank you Margaret for this blog.

Forget advice and trust yourself

Be wary of the confusion about advice in coaching. Debate occurs because coaches can have a particular area of expertise, but this is really a focus on the boundaries for the coaching topic rather than the conversation style.

For example, do you believe a tennis coach gives you advice or encourages you to use what you know already? If you believe they give advice, take a look at Timothy Gallwey’s perspective (book). Just being conscious in the moment - such as watching the spin of the ball and trusting our skills - can bring our best performance.

Beware FOMO

Is the ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ pulling your attention? I encourage your belief that you know all you need to make any necessary decisions right now? Still doubtful? Then try Marie’s blog.

A final suggestion: invest in some personal reflection - or time with a coach (or supervisor) to support your thinking about the future which no-one can predict.

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