Catching a tribe's mood...and philosophy?

I was amazed to have a LinkedIn post with over 5K views recently. Maybe it helped to have 3 hashtags (I'm learning), or using @ to link specific contacts (again I'm learning).

Maybe naively I was hoping that the topic being about achievement and celebration would speak to project managers interested in personal development. Perhaps though posts touch the people who are interested in what you're doing; friends, followers with common interests! (Yes some project managers!)

To reach out to the aspiring project managers tribe and sync with their mood, I may need to be clearer about my own project management issues! E.g. I've possibly been taking too much of an Agile approach recently, to meet the needs of many project stakeholders! I plan to try some of my older-school project management for more strategic/philosophical control e.g. overall intentions can be more important than immediate details. David Peterson, a thought leader on VUCA (and coaching) says “Excellent coaches will think about how they help leaders solve their toughest, most complicated new and different problems. " according to Alison Cohn. Volatility Uncertainty Complexity Ambiguity all bring many details for people to assimilate; we need to helicopter more capably. The DPMB discussion on 20Nov similarly suggested that business contracts which get down into features can clamp the Agile process to illuminate the best ultimate outcome!


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